We Offer Quick & Powerful Solutions

Our company is currently very active across South Africa and neighboring countries. Our offices are based in Boksburg, which makes communicating with us and our personnel easier as we can centralise our attention more efficiently. We have a branch in Durban as well, where the same standards are maintained. We are also working on a branch in the Eastern Cape as the need increases.

We are registered with PSIRA and use only registered guards to provide our service.

BBBEE Status

We approve of Affirmative Action, but also realise the potential of our current staff. We are a registered BBBEE company complying with the set standard.

Our Mission & Vision

We constantly strive to provide a security service of the highest standards to all of our clients. We aim to expand our client base through excellent provisional service and customer care.
We are a world-class company who believe in keeping our staff happy and in doing so provide a service to the client which will not be easily matched. We keep the client satisfied by putting their needs, the security of their employees and ensuring their premises are secure and well guarded.

Our History

Mr. Ian B Cessford was born in the UK where he joined Scotland Yard. He then did a major degree in criminology and psychology. He was a member of the special investigations unit until 1981. In 1981 he moved to South Africa, realising the endless opportunities that SA had to offer. In 1983 he formed Focus On Security (Pty) Ltd.

In February 1999 Mr Cessford noticed the leadership capabilities of Mrs N. Botha. She then joined the company as a full member of the Closed Corporation. She was previously employed at a major corporate financial institute for 20 years. She is well equipped to deal with all people at all levels. Coming from a private industry, she has the ability to understand the needs of a client and will do her utmost to set the client at ease regarding their security needs.

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